About the author:

I’m a budding archivist/librarian. I graduated from Palmer in late 2007 and since then I’ve been looking for full time employment, volunteering, and keeping up to date in the profession. I spent about 3 hours a day reading articles, blogs, and tweets; most of which are archive or library related, some not so much.

I volunteer at a great organization with a wonderful group of people and my time there gives me valuable work experience.

As for my quest for full-time steady employment: not so fruitful. But let me tell you something you don’t already know. It is tough out there, I am living proof of that.

About this blog:

I spend quite a bit of my day keeping up with the times, so to speak. Sometimes I have thoughts on articles, blog-posts, and tweets I find and I think a blog is as good a place as any to express them. Also, I have noticed that many articles I read haven’t been retweeted or posted elsewhere. So perhaps this blog has a niche to fill.

I try to do as much continuing education as I can afford, including workshops and conferences, and I will talk about those as they happen (few and far between).

As for the practical side of things, I plan to talk about how an underemployed professional archivist can afford to enjoy life.


There are a few people without whose help this blog would not have been possible.

My parents. Without their support, I would have had to give up my dream of being an archivist a long time ago.

My boyfriend of 4 years. He’s been my Charmer, my solace, and my doorframe. Without his encouragement, I may not have gathered the courage to start this blog.


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