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I recently stumbled onto Skillshare, a website that offers a variety of MOOC’s. I’m always looking to learn new things and I saw a few classes that could be interesting. I haven’t tried any yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought.


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Thoughts on young archivist article from the American Archivist

I meant to publish this entry some time ago but it got lost in my draft folder.

I read an article ” Career Satisfaction of Young Archivists: a Survey of Professional Working Archivists, Age 35 and Under” by Amber L. Cushing in The American Archivist Journal.

I’m happy that the SAA published this article, I think  after the creation of SNAP, they are beginning to take note of new archivists.  While this article focuses on new young archivists I would be interested to see if older new archivists, those over 35, are fairing any  in the job market.

The only issue I had with this article is that they identified new archivists as someone with a paid position.  It doesn’t address new young archivists who could only find volunteer work .  I think that accounts for a significant portion of this demographic that is overlooked by this article.

While I do find it encouraging that most of the respondents were satisfied with their day to day work.  It’s unsurprising that those with temporary positions don’t like the lack of job security and I’m happy she points out that young archivists want more chances of promotion. I these two factors affect the overall morale of new archivists more than work satisfaction.  If a person isn’t confident or secure in their job that may translate to their professional growth.

I wouldn’t be surprised either if there is a brain drain in the archival profession as a result of un/underemployed archivists seeking better work elsewhere. I myself rejected paid archival work twice last year to take non-archival jobs that offered better employment.

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