Createasphere DAM 101 Workshop

As mentioned in the previous entry, I attended Createasphere’s DAM 101 Workshop and certification. Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I think this workshop was more popular than Createasphere could have imagined. How many people would want to wake up early on a Sunday to talk about DAM?  Plenty in New York. I’ll be honest the fact that this workshop took place on a Sunday not a work day was my main motivation for going. I’m happy I did, it did not disappoint. There were some parts of the workshop that I knew about but quite a bit I didn’t. I learned alot of acronyms , which there are many in the alphabet soup of DAM. I liked how this workshop stressed that DAM was a business strategy not technology solution. I think this is important and doesn’t get emphasized enough. The best technology can’t solve a problem if there isn’t a plan to follow though and make it work.

The best part of the workshop were the “labs” I think break out groups would have been a better description. One of the labs I chose to take was LAB 2: Photography DAM, which was very good. I learned so much from Carin Forman and gain some good practical advice.

Since this program went better than expected, I’m sure you’ll see more of them at future Createasphere events. I hope so because I do think this is a great basic overview of DAM. In fact maybe they will make an advanced version of this workshop for us alumni to take.


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