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Great article on why you can’t keep it all

This is a great article on why people, corporations, governments, and anyone shouldn’t and can’t keep everything forever.  I read a few of Dr. Rosenthal’s papers in my digital preservation class.  I think this article really illustrates a problem that few in IT are considering.

Edit: I just found a journal article titled The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage.  It looks like this article was mentioned in the Future blog post.


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Thoughts on the DAS exams

Do you think of yourself as a pioneer? If not, you might want to wait a year or so before starting on the DAS path. If you do have that pioneering spirit, good luck to you and don’t be afraid to offer feedback to SAA. Don’t be shy. And most of all, be confident in yourself. In my experience, I think there are some wrinkles that SAA need to iron out with these exams. Mind you, I have only taken two of the exams in this course and my thoughts on the matter could change after taking more. I passed one of the exams the second time around. When I scheduled the re-take, I contested two of the questions on the test. SAA Education appreciated my constructive feedback, but I still needed to re-take the exam (i.e., they didn’t give me credit for those points). Which really wasn’t that big of deal.
So what is my recommendation if you are taking the exams, oh pioneer? Print out the tests while you are taking them and print out your answer feedback page. Just like the standardized tests in high school, I recommend you write your answers on paper first before entering them into the online test. This lessens the chance of you not reading the questions fully, of making a foolish mistake, and gives a record of what you marked.
I’m working towards this certification myself and I’ll continue to post about my progress.

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