NYAC 2013 (part 2)

Thursday is the first full day of the conference and you can see the crowds of eager archivist flocking to Humanities Hall (the conference building). While I heard there was an issue with the coffee, that morning I didn’t notice. I was quite content with the orange and cranberry juice they had.
The first panel I attended was of course the one on DAM: How To Get Started With a DAMS. This panel wasn’t quite what I was expecting, even if I should have; still I was impressed. I thought it would focus on how one would start a DAM, instead there were three case studies of how these panelist implemented a DAM, or digital repository, at their organization.  It was much better than I expected. I was very impressed how some of the DAMs began, how these panelists solved some of the problems they included, and how they balanced the costs. The case studies showcased how any organization can start a DAM on a shoe-string budget.
In the afternoon I went to the This Just In! Leveraging Archives
Amidst the Media Blitz panel. Now don’t get me wrong, all the panelists were knowledgeable and approachable. But Greg Hunter stole the panel. When asked what he thought about the image of archivists in the media, his response was (I’m paraphrasing) “I don’t care what the media thinks of us as archivists, I care what they think of our collections.” He also stressed, later in the panel, how important it is for archivists to know our collections so we can give our audience (in this case the media) what interests them.
I also attended the Privacy and Confidentiality Roundtable meeting. I personally felt that this would be a good follow-up after my workshop on wednesday. It looked like I wasn’t the only person who thought that way, since there were several others who attended both. This round table meeting didn’t disappoint, the conversation/discussion was both interesting and intriguing. I learned a bit more about privacy that I didn’t know and I was able to contribute to the conversation.
The last stop of the day was the reception. This was a great chance to network and grab some food. I’ll be honest, I was probably paying more attention to the food that was coming out than on networking. Either way, I had an amazing time, met some fantastic people, and was able to get to know some fantastic people even better.

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