NYAC 2013 and first SAA DAS workshop

I attended NYAC this year held at LIU C.W. Post, home to the Palmer School my Alma Mater. These conferences are great, I saw some colleagues that I met the last time I attended NYAC at Marist in 2010 and I met some new ones. I also realized that I know many more archivists in the area than I thought I did.

Wednesday was workshop day, so I went to the Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Digital Archives workshop. This was my first SAA DAS workshop. It was a full-day workshop and it was really good. It didn’t even feel like a long day. The instructor, Heather Briston, was very knowledgeable and was able to get through all of the information. I not once felt that we were rushing through the material and on multiple occasions the class had questions on a slide or topic. Heather Briston took her time and made sure that each question was thoroughly answered and included many examples throughout her lecture. She included two activities to help us understand and implement what we were learning. However, she was only able to get through one of these activities. But since the materials for these activities are included in the workbook, we can do these activities on our own time. I have no complaints about the workshop or the instructor and I would gladly recommend this workshop or attending any presentions by Heather. As for the exam: my thoughts on it will be forthcoming.

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