SNAP ACA study tips post and reposting my comment from there

The SNAP blog has a great post on studying for ACA exam.  I wrote a reply there on my suggestions which I’m going to copy below. You’re going to have to read their post to know what I’m talking about.

These are all great tips and I can’t agree more with starting to study early. I made up a whole bunch of flash cards that I studied from which helped alot. I made outlines of some of the readings I did. I also made a list of topics I felt weak on right after I took the test when it was fresh in my mind. This way if I had to repeat it I knew exactly what I needed to focus on.
I’m not sure about splitting up the readings for a group. I would worry I would miss something. If you do that, I would do it for some of the readings not for all.
Personally I think Greg Hunter’s Yellow book helped me the most in studying.
Full disclaimer: I might be bias he was my archiving professor at Palmer and that was my textbook. Also you by no means should just focus on that one book, it won’t work.
My suggestion if you’re taking this test for the first time is to study your best and go in relaxed. If you pass great if you don’t view it as practice and focus on your weak points for next time. Whatever you do don’t give up.


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