SAA volunteer program resource guide

Looks like the SAA wrote up a guidebook of sorts for archives wanting to create volunteer programs.  I’ll be honest I don’t know how I feel about it. On the one hand this perpetuates the problem of unpaid work in the archive field, on the other it can provide experience and connections to new archivists.  I’ve been volunteering with my local archives for years and yes I would have loved to have a paid position somewhere during that time, but with the job market the way it is I wasn’t able to find one.  That said volunteering has been kind to me, I was able to earn the hours I needed to become a Certified Archivist, I gained practical experience, and I met wonderful people. I made my decision to volunteer with the support of my family and with the fact I deal with stress better when working towards a goal. However, not everyone can make that choice or has a choice in the matter. There is a really good conversion about the volunteer guide going on Twitter.  Someone mentioned privilege and I think they have a point there.  It’s worth going over there to check it out.

Update: You ought to be ashamed wrote a good post on this it’s worth a read. I even left a comment.


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