Email from New York Archivist round table and resources on Sandy relief

First off my hearts go out to anyone by the affected by Sandy.  I hope anyone who reads this remained safe during the storm and its aftermath. This email was sent out by The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York and I thought I would post it here on the off chance someone reads this but didn’t get the email.

The ART Board hopes that this email finds you safe and that your collections have suffered no major damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

For those of you whose buildings or archival collections were affected by the storm, the New York State Archives has created a Disaster Assistance webpage on their website: There you will find advisories on how to handle damaged records (both paper-based and electronic), sources of funding, and lists of contacts, services and resources to help you with your recovery efforts. The New York State Archives can also provide assistance by phone. Contact them at 518-474-6926 or518-473-4254.

The New York State Archives is responsible for gathering information about the storm’s impact on buildings and/or collections as well as the estimated costs of recovery. When you are able, please contact Pamela Cooley ( to report the storm’s impact for your organization.

In addition, our local library council, Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) has created a survey to assess how metropolitan New York institutions have been impacted by the storm and to gauge which institutions are in need of volunteers. You can access the survey here:

The ART Board will continue to post notices of disaster assistance resources on our website ( and forward emails regarding recovery to our discussion listserv (if you are not already subscribed, please join by emailing If ART can be of assistance, please contact Rachel Chatalbash, President, at or 347-527-1032.

Wishing you the best in these trying times,

The ART Board

The twitter handle for The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York is @ArchivistsRT

Here are some addional resources in case you need them.

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions has a information on how to handle damaged material and links on disaster assistance. This is their twitter handle by the way.  @AVPreserve

Heritage Preservation That links to it’s information on its Heritage Emergency National Task Force Information on Major Disasters

UPDATES: More links I’ve found

The Northeast Document Conservation Center has Sandy resources 

The New York Library Association has set up Disaster Relief Fund  you can donate here.

Kate Theimer over at ArchivesNext blog has a great post of where you can donate to help archives.

SAA has set up  the SAA’s Disaster Recover Fund for Archives you can learn more about it here

The New York State Archives has disaster Assistance information here.

FEMA’s page on disaster assistance for local, State, Tribal and Non profits.

Any more I find I’ll post here


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