Createasphere – Thursday Morning write-up

Createasphere opened with a brief speech from the founder who stressed the importance of content: knowing its value, how you can be its best custodian, and the increasing need for organizations to manage it. A great way to open a DAM conference to a bunch of DAM professionals.
Thursday’s Keynote on Collaborative Innovation, from Doug Collins, was about the importance of working together and learning from your community. He cited Fisher Price (My FP Ideas) for how that company is looking into its target audience, namely mothers, and what types of new toys they would buy for their kids. He lamented the “tragedy of the web”: not that no one maintains it, but that everyone has brought their own version of it.  Collaborative Innovation is a sign of leadership and can be used to articulate the benefits of DAM. Collins also described The Flow: Paint a picture, Identify Sponsor, Identify Challenge, Form Challenge, Challenge flow, Resolve Challenge, Explore Governance.  The Flow helps find out what is the challenge or an organization and how to resolve it.
The Making Workflow Work For You was next. It included Andrew Mannone, B.J. Gray, Carol Thomas-Knipes, and Nate Cooper as panelists and Aaron Holm as moderator. With a lineup like that, you know it was a crackerjack discussion. Each panelist explained briefly their organization’s workflow. I liked how they included the fact that “archiving” is not the same as “backup.” I think the most important point brought up by a panelist is the importance of the end-user: that DAM professionals have to ask them questions. At the end of the session, the panelists was asked what they thought about different systems “talking” to each other. Someone said that right now the technical capabilities were there, it’s just being implemented (something I didn’t know). I thought that that was a big limitation with today’s technology.


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