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Pre-Createasphere DAM Meetup

It’s that time of the year for that DAM conference Createasphere to come into town. This year’s experience for me started with the Pre-Createasphere DAM Meetup at The Archive Bar on Wednesday night. I’m not much of a bar person, but this place felt more like a lounge, or maybe a loud library. The back room had antique books in a glass case on the wall. There was a very elegant atmosphere to the bar. I arrived early and I’m glad I did, because a few people did come earlier than the start time and we had a nice conversation. The back of the bar was reserved for the group  and it was a good thing too, because the place was packed with DAM Professionals by the time I had to leave. That said, I didn’t feel cramped there and we were a spread-out group. I know the purpose of these meetups is to meet new people, which I did; but I saw so many people I knew that I hadn’t seen since the last meetup or the last Createasphere. It was nice to talk to them and catch up. I’m already looking forward to the next Meetup the Taxonomy Throw down at METRO.


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Why I like my bag of Tricks

While on assignment for a temp agency, I realized the importance of something that I had taken for granted. My bag. I got into the habit of keeping a lot of extra items in my bag: pencils, erasers, and a pencil sharpener. I can’t express how much of an asset these were during this temp project. When we needed to erase quite a bit and the small eraser on the pencil was rubbed out, I was able to supply to group with one. When we needed to sharpen our pencils, we were able to use mine. It was a very useful resource and something I’ll be sure to take with me to future positions.

Also I found this to be an interesting article on the future of cloud computing.

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