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Tech Crunch on old programs and Mod Librarian’s Metadata anyday series

I really liked how this Tech Crunch article talks about people are still using programs that were discontinued years ago. The post brings up a good point what apps/technology will we be able to use 10 years from now.  How safe and long-lasting is the cloud?

I loved this article from Mod Librarian. It has a great explanation of the phrase “Garbage in, Garbage out”.  The links provided were also pretty good.  I like her Metadata anyday series.


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Article and webinar on metadata and taxonomy.

This article on metadata and taxonomy are pretty good and well wrote a quick read.

I like how it offers the link to Leala Abbott’s article on controlled vocabulary.  To top it off they used a cat picture to illustrate taxonomy you can’t go wrong.

Also PicturePark hosted a webinar “Metadata Myths and Madness!” by John Horodysk

Although the sound quality goes in and out a bit the content is very good it’s worth a watch if you a hour to kill.  Check it out on youtube here.

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