Certified Archivist and Grant job for the MTA Bridges and Tunnel

I am now a Certified Archivist. This past April, I finished up the hours I needed to complete my year of qualifying experience . I’m really excited to have reached this goal; I’ve worked long and hard for this. It took me almost three years to get these hours, most of which were from volunteer work. I have to thank the Westchester Archives and Records Center and the MTA Bridges and Tunnel Archives for giving me the opportunities I needed to earn this achievement.

Certified Archivist pin

That reminds me: I mentioned in a previous post that I had found a job. I was employed for three months by the MTA Bridges and Tunnels archives thanks to a grant funded by the New York State Archives. The grant was for processing and creating a Excel inventory of the Verranzano-Narrows Bridge construction photo collection. There were over 5,000 photographs in the collection. I worked with a team on this project: originally with one other woman and later another woman was hired for the last few weeks. Collectively, we were able to process the project ahead of schedule. However, due to supplies being on back-order, some sleeving of the photographs remains to be done once the grant ended. But we were able to work on several other small projects and inventories at the Archives that needed to be completed. I was able to inventory part of the audio-video collection including their nitrate films, which I found very exciting. I also handled Robert Moses’ date-books for 1939 and 1964–both years of the World’s Fairs.  It was a great experience and I got to work with some wonderful people.

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