Google a Day

I just found out about these quizzes today and I had to recommend them on here.

First there is this game from Google called Google a Day which is pretty challenging.  There are several questions here for you to answer daily. I do think a pause button would be nice but I can see why they don’t have that option available.

Second Wired has this Google a day puzzle. Just as challenging but just one a day. So I guess you can call this Google a day lite.

They are mostly multi – layer. You have to say find out the question before you can answer it. For example, one of today’s was

“As of 2012, in what county is the third busiest airport in the country of which “Amhran na bhFiann” is the national anthem? ”

First you need to find out which country has that National Anthem once you know that you can figure out the answer.

I like this because it keeps my research skills in top shape very important since I’m not working as a reference librarian every day.


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