SLA@Pratt Skills Fair 2012

On March 23rd, I attended the SLA@Pratt Skills Fair. I had a great experience there and look forward to attending another in the future.  They had speed mentoring which I found useful. I received some pointers  from my mentor that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I had heard of most of the mentors who were there and while I wish I could have talked to more of them, others had to take a turn too.

There were two sets of panels. I attended to first half of the “From Paper to Digital: New Frontiers in Archives,” but had to leave early to attend my mentoring session. I wish I could have stayed longer. The one problem that I had with this skills fair is that you couldn’t attend a full session if you also wanted to talk to a mentor.

The second panel I attended was “Taxonomies and Information Architecture: Access, Usability, Governance, Results.” I was very happy that I stayed for the whole panel and I took my mentoring session early. They touched on DAM and one of the panelists, Michael Hollistscher, is a well known DAM manager. I wish he could have been a mentor, too. I learned quite a bit in that panel. I’m also relieved that the panelist said that the Heather Hedden book I’ve been working though is a bit dense. I’m happy it isn’t just me who thinks that. Also, they recommend another book to start with: Patrick Lambe Organising Knowledge I hope to pick it up soon.


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