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Article on NYPL reorganization

Interesting article on the reorganization of the New York Public Library. I personally like the changes in the library is making and think it will thrive in the future.  While I do understand the concerns of the researchers and their fears of not having quick access to books. I think the key word in that sentence is quick. They will still be able to access them and like they say, will need to plan ahead.

This article  reminds me of students who come into the library a day before a paper is due and flabbergasted that the library does not have the books he needs in stock.  Luckily to these students libraries now have access to databases and online resources that can substitute those books.  Still most of these students learn the importance of planning ahead. Personally I think experiences like these are bench marks of growing up and becoming an adult.


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SLA@Pratt Skills Fair 2012

On March 23rd, I attended the SLA@Pratt Skills Fair. I had a great experience there and look forward to attending another in the future.  They had speed mentoring which I found useful. I received some pointers  from my mentor that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I had heard of most of the mentors who were there and while I wish I could have talked to more of them, others had to take a turn too.

There were two sets of panels. I attended to first half of the “From Paper to Digital: New Frontiers in Archives,” but had to leave early to attend my mentoring session. I wish I could have stayed longer. The one problem that I had with this skills fair is that you couldn’t attend a full session if you also wanted to talk to a mentor.

The second panel I attended was “Taxonomies and Information Architecture: Access, Usability, Governance, Results.” I was very happy that I stayed for the whole panel and I took my mentoring session early. They touched on DAM and one of the panelists, Michael Hollistscher, is a well known DAM manager. I wish he could have been a mentor, too. I learned quite a bit in that panel. I’m also relieved that the panelist said that the Heather Hedden book I’ve been working though is a bit dense. I’m happy it isn’t just me who thinks that. Also, they recommend another book to start with: Patrick Lambe Organising Knowledge I hope to pick it up soon.

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