I heard about this site last fall. But I’ll be honest, I sent it to myself to look at later but didn’t think much of it at the time. I thought “I don’t have time for this right now. I check it out later when I have more time.” Of course, time never made itself available. That is, until earlier this month when Codecademy introduced Code Year.
First, let me tell you about Codecademy. It’s an online tutorial (or game, I’ve seen it described as both) that teaches you how to code in Javascript. There looks to be plans of adding Ruby and Python coding tutorials later. Their user interface is very easy to use and the lessons are pretty clear-cut. They give you some information and then you have to fix a problem in the program script. Personally, I learn best by doing, so that is an important feature for me. There is also a question and answer forum, where you get help if you get stuck. You can also send in anonymous feedback on the lessons.
Code Year is the website’s initiative to help people learn code this year. Every week, they send you a new lesson. There are only two weeks available so far; but to be honest you, I’ve needed more than a week to complete these lessons. I’m pretty tech-savvy and it’s still taking time for me to go though these lessons.
Codecademy is an excellent resource. It’s a brilliant method for teaching people how to code. This is a program that was sorely needed. I look forward to learning more and continuing to learn code this year. I’ve been telling everyone I can about this website. There was just a Digital archivist position posted from the Rockefeller archives looking for archivists with these skills. Honestly, learning code isn’t going to get you that job all by itself, but it might help you gain the skills that might help you gain experience so you can apply for such a position in the future.

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