EAD workshop I recently attended

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.


I recently attended a EAD (Encoded Archival Description) workshop hosted by METRO and presented by Lara Nicosia. It was very informative and practical. We each had a laptop to use, so we actually got hands-on experience working with EAD.


The presenter began with a basic overview of EAD and its history. She thought us to read an XML document first. Then she lead us though populating a blank XML template. I have to say, I was very impressed how she was able to ease people slowly into the encoding. We worked mostly with Notepad in the morning, but after lunch she showed us how to use Oxygen. I greatly enjoyed working with that and we spent most of the workshop on Oxygen. While I would have liked to survey other XML editors, Oxygen is the most popular so I can see why she focused on that. Also, I found out you can download the application cheaper than I would have thought.


What I really liked is that we were given a paper finding aid and had to convert it into an EAD format by the end of the workshop. So while I can’t speak for the others who took the workshop, I now feel confident that I could create my own EAD. I would highly recommend anyone pursuing an archival job to try and learn this application or attend a similar workshop. It was well worth it for me.


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