Never know where some digging will take you

I was checking my twitter today and I came across a tweet, which lead to some digging, where I found a lot of good information.

It was written by Jill Hurst-Wahl (her blog digitization 101 is included in my blogroll).

Since career sustainability is a topic I’m interested in, being an underemployed archivist/librarian/ information specialist, and never hearing of Deb Hunt before I did a quick Google search that lead me to her website/companyInformation Edge. While it’s mostly her business website, it’s always nice to see an info. business’ website. The articles, blog, and newsletter are great sources of information on the profession. While her presentations aren’t up at the moment, they titles promise of an interesting read.

This next lead me to the SLA’s website, which I had heard of before. I had no idea it was so progressive and had so many resources on its website for its members. Membership dues are categorized by income, so that’s always good to hear as someone with limited funds.

I’m happy I took the time to do some research on that tweet. Also shows you never know where information will take you.


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