Introduction post

Introduction Post: What this blog will be about

I come across quite a bit of interesting articles, blogs, and tweets while trying to keep up to date on all things archival and library. This is a place I can reposted and comment on entries I feel are of interest to other archivists. These will probably be my most common type of posts.

Though I may, on occasion, write off the cuff about my own thoughts and feelings on the profession, history in general, or anything else that I find of interest. I have many interests which you will pick up on in time. Although I am underemployed, I try to invest in myself as much as I can afford.

I will talk about the workshops and such I attend. Those will probably be few and far between. Though I am going to a workshop tomorrow. So there is one entry I wont have to worry about where it will come from.

See my “About Section” for more features this blog will contain.


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