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A Job After Library School: I Thought It Would Happen Soon, Too

I came across this article a few days ago, commented on it, and kept it in mind for a blog post.

She’s right on so many counts. When I came out a library school, I’ll admit I has similar thoughts. I was sure I’d find part-time library work within a few months of getting my Master’s. That would give me income while I volunteered in archiving to further my career path. I thought memberships in professional organizations were too expensive and something that I would get once I found real employment. (More on that in a future post.)

I’ve talked to a few recent grads or library students recently and they all had the same thoughts I had upon graduating. It’s the same story as mine: I’m going for this and focusing on that. That way, when I hit the job market, I’ll be viable and therefore hirable. When I was in grad school, a friend tried to tell me how bad the job market was and I still thought I would be fine. I quickly learned how wrong I was. But I learned my lesson as I know future graduates will learn too.

I think part of the problem is that library schools paint an overly optimistic picture of the job market. I’m pretty sure the “graying” myth has a lot to do with it. Librarians aren’t retiring as quickly because their 401k’s have taken a hit due to the recession and when they do retire, libraries don’t necessarily replace them. Why is it that all these students/schools cling steadfastly to this myth when all the blogs, tweets, and every other community hub says differently.

Now this is my personally theory; but could it be that library schools don’t teach about blogs or twitter and that the information isn’t getting to the students? I wonder this because those that I’ve talked to look at me like I’m sprouted an extra head when I ask them about “blogs” or if they’re on “twitter”.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think libraries are starting to teach Web 2.0 classes and its importance. I just don’t think they teach library students that there are Twitter and blog feeds out there that are well worth their daily attention and essential to their career advancement.


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Article on ALA’s responsibilities to new library students

Love this post on Hack Library school. I’ve seen many blog posts on this topic and some I think can come off as a bit rude.  I like the way this one is written. It’s direct but fair and polite.  It’s worth a read.

I’ll be honest I didn’t get to read all the comments from the Will Unbound article that’s mentioned.

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Articles of interest

Just a links post today. These are two articles that I thought were interesting.

The first one is about how the NYPL is embracing the web and how it has succeeded in forming an online presence.

The second one is about how the library of congress is creating a searchable database. To be honest I was surprised they didn’t already have one.

Also I found this a few weeks ago and I’ve been slowly going though it, The Journal of Digital Assets Management. unfortunately it doesn’t look like more issues will be created but between this and AnotherDAMblog I’m learning a lot about the profession.

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Never know where some digging will take you

I was checking my twitter today and I came across a tweet, which lead to some digging, where I found a lot of good information.

It was written by Jill Hurst-Wahl (her blog digitization 101 is included in my blogroll).

Since career sustainability is a topic I’m interested in, being an underemployed archivist/librarian/ information specialist, and never hearing of Deb Hunt before I did a quick Google search that lead me to her website/companyInformation Edge. While it’s mostly her business website, it’s always nice to see an info. business’ website. The articles, blog, and newsletter are great sources of information on the profession. While her presentations aren’t up at the moment, they titles promise of an interesting read.

This next lead me to the SLA’s website, which I had heard of before. I had no idea it was so progressive and had so many resources on its website for its members. Membership dues are categorized by income, so that’s always good to hear as someone with limited funds.

I’m happy I took the time to do some research on that tweet. Also shows you never know where information will take you.

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We discussed those yesterday

This is interesting article from the LOC Signal blog. Here is an excerpt.

“…There is definitely a need to document computing history in aid of digital preservation. There are multiple initiatives to document and verify file formats (Sustainability of Digital Formats, GDFR, UDFR, JHOVE2, PRONOM, DROID). There is at least one initiative to document carrier media (MediaPedia). There are archives of manuals (University of Minnesota Charles Babbage Institute). I am thinking a lot about what other sorts of documentation are needed – operating systems, application software, hardware of all types…”

We discussed a few of those initiatives to verify file formats yesterday at the workshops. I’m always amazed that once you learn about something it pops up somewhere else.

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Digital Preservation for Video Workshop

I attended a video preservation workshop on Monday, June 6, 2011, hosted by METRO NYC, sponsored by IMAP, and presented by Linda Tadic. I’m really happy I was able to go; there was so much to learn.

I will admit some of the more technical stuff went over my head. Still, I now have a much better idea of what is needed to tackle a video preservation project. It’s a start.

I found the information on JPEG2000 really interesting. It seems like that’s what will be the codec archivists will use in the near future. Right now there seems so be issue in creating and playing back the content. But she mentioned a link that can transcode between JPEG2000 and other formats.


While yes there is a cost, I think it should be something to look into. I can go into this in more detail in a future post.

LTO tapes seem to be good form of digital storage. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before. This is why I go to workshops and conferences. While some may scoff at the notion that you must buy new tapes and hardware every few years it does makes sense for a few reasons.

You should be migrating your data forward anyway. This just forces you to comply with these standards.

Over time, this migration should become cheaper as technology improves.

As I understand it, this sounds a bit like a lease and that is becoming a popular way to get office equipment. Besides, as time goes by and LTO monopolizes the market I’m sure that buyback programs, loyalty discounts, and other promotions will become available.

Lastly, while this can be seen as “job security” for LTO. I can think of no better way to protect against obsolescence.

These are only two topics that peaked my interested. It would take me more time than I currently have to write about the whole workshop. I don’t know if other workshops like this one are planned but if you see them I was recommend attending. If not, try to find ones presented by Linda Tadic. She was very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining the topics. There was a lot of information to go though. I asked quite a bit of questions and she was very patient with answering them.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the workshop on processing a video collection in July. I think that will go well with this one.

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Introduction post

Introduction Post: What this blog will be about

I come across quite a bit of interesting articles, blogs, and tweets while trying to keep up to date on all things archival and library. This is a place I can reposted and comment on entries I feel are of interest to other archivists. These will probably be my most common type of posts.

Though I may, on occasion, write off the cuff about my own thoughts and feelings on the profession, history in general, or anything else that I find of interest. I have many interests which you will pick up on in time. Although I am underemployed, I try to invest in myself as much as I can afford.

I will talk about the workshops and such I attend. Those will probably be few and far between. Though I am going to a workshop tomorrow. So there is one entry I wont have to worry about where it will come from.

See my “About Section” for more features this blog will contain.

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